Green cleaning: eco friendly products that are safe for the whole family.

Eco- and kid-friendly cleaning products

Green cleaning: eco friendly products that are safe for the whole family.Cleaning products that are eco- and kid-friendly

Why is it so hard to make good decisions about green cleaning around our house? And what does green cleaning mean anyway? For me, it means consciously choosing products that are safe around my kids and won’t kill our planet in the process.

As parents we work so hard to protect our kids from possible dangers that usually never eSimple ideas for green cleaning. Eco-friendly products that are safe for your family tooven materialize. We warn them to stay away from strangers, we teach them to look both ways before crossing the street. We spend an exorbitant amount on the very best car seats that look like they were meant for NASA scientists orbiting the moon.

And yet, when it comes to picking out our cleaning products, I know I have been guilty of just grabbing whatever is on sale at the grocery store. Where did those products come from, are they damaging to our health when we breathe them in, do they actually even clean as well as they should? So many times, I never even stop to ask these very important questions.

I have been known to turn around the car and go back inside the house to grab my reusable shopping bags when running out to the store! If I am so worried about the environment that I make sure I use my handy shopping bags, why do I not also spend a few minutes researching a product that I use multiple times per day?

Keep it Easy

My friend Pam has made it really easy to do the research about these chemical products we use in our homes and around our families every day by gathering all the latest research in a handy guide. You can get your hands on this free guide here. I know I was happy to see my beloved Mrs. Meyer’s made the list, but it didn’t rank as high as some others. So I added a few new ones to my next online order and can’t wait to check them out.

Which brings me to my second favorite hack to ensure that it is super easy to use quality cleaning products: automate their purchases. No more grabbing whatever is on sale at the grocery store, now I have a small monthly shipment arrive from The Grove with products that I know are quality cleaning products while also safe around the kiddos. And bonus, they won’t completely destroy our planet by their production and consumption.

I first heard about The Grove from a friend who lives in the Bay Area where this small company is located. She posted a little blurb on Facebook about how much she loves their products and how great they are for not only our entire planet for our small families as well. The Grove was just what I was looking for. And with a single click I found a great company dedicated to quality customer service, super easy automation, and of course quality products.

Member perks

I love working with The Grove as it super streamlined and automated. I can change my order whenever I want or just skip a month if I have too many cleaning products (or if the monthly budget is tight) in any given month. No worries, I just click a button on my phone and that particular month’s shipment is postponed to a later time (or just deleted completely if I need to). I will then get an email the next time month with more offers for great products.

I love how everything is so automated, I just sign up to get either an email or text message (or both) each month. They then let me know when my next automatic order is scheduled to be shipped. There is a super easy link to just click from the text to their website. I can either add new items I want to check out, or just take off a few things if I look around the house and see we are well stocked up.

What do you do to streamline your cleaning products? We can all be a bit more intentional about what products (and their chemicals) we bring into our homes. Exposing our families to unnecessary chemically-laden cleaning products is our first step towards that crunchy granola goodness we all think we might strive for one day (you know that one day…when your house looks like all those cute pins saved on Pinterest!) LOL!


What does green cleaning mean anyway? For me it is finding eco-friendly products that safe around my family too. I want to be conscientious about what companies I am supporting while also not using awful chemicals around the house while my kids are playing at my feet.