gifts for her on any budget, gift guide for moms

Gifts for her on any budget

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day –

with gifts that won’t break the bank

Mother’s Day gifts, why is it so hard?!? I don’t know about anyone else but I never know what to say when someone asks what I want for Mother’s Day. To be honest we live in a time and country where, if we want something, we can just grab our phone and order it on Amazon without even getting up off the couch.
In two days it will be sitting on my porch and I didn’t have to pack up the kids, load them in the car, remember to bring equal amounts of snacks for each of them, drive to the store, fight for parking, drag them into the store where they will spend the next 30 minutes incessantly asking for treats, deal with temper tantrums when they are told no, or try to buckle the little one back into his car seat when it is all over (is it just mine or do they all turn into a stiff board right when you are trying to buckle them in??).

What to get for Mother’s Day

So when my sweet other half says “What do you want this year for Mother’s Day?” I tend to go blank. I don’t really “want” for anything, we are truly blessed and our needs are met. Last year I asked for a FitBit, only because I had been scoping them out myself anyway. And I figured asking him to get it meant I didn’t have to tackle going to the store myself – see above scenario as to why I avoid the store at all costs!!
This year, I didn’t really have anything particular in mind and I also didn’t really want to spend too much as we are planning a really big trip this summer and I would rather just save our money.
So I did what I always do when i am “window” shopping and turned to my two favorite apps: Pinterest and Amazon! I figured I can’t be the only one searching for cute and fun gifts that won’t break the bank. So I am sharing my research and findings here for all to see :)!

Ideas for gifts every mom would love to get – on any budget

Under $15

This is a fun little sun-catcher you can hang in your window. For the price, you really can’t go wrong, but you could also probably find this on Etsy if you want to support a small business owner.
This cute little pendant necklace is fun and inexpensive jewelry for mom. If you have ever broken (or had one of your kids break) an expensive jewelry item your hubby got for you….then you know why I love costume jewelry like this. The description says it’s only about an inch in diameter so it won’t be huge and over-empowering. If you like big jewelry then this probably isn’t for you.
This is the one I ended up picking! I just love this idea. The dates that changed my life! Quick note, the frame is not included at this price 🙂 so if you are like me and projects tend to go undone then you might want to find an option that is already framed. But I know I will get it framed and hung up….someday!
These cute socks are so great for every mom out there. When you are at the end of a long day and finally able to put your feet up, you deserve for somebody to bring you a little glass of vino! In your new “mom juice” cup of course!!

Under $30

I just love these fun mugs, they easily go from your morning coffee to your evening glass of vino! Perfect for camping on the weekends this summer! There are a ton of colors, but this Rose Gold is my fave!
If you want separate coffee mug and wine glasses, then this option is better for you. From your mom fuel to your mom juice, this cute set will take you from those early mornings to those late nights.
Apparently, I love coffee mugs!! ☕️ LOL!! This is the perfect gift for all moms, dads, and all those new moms and dads that will need coffee 24/7!!
OK, I had to throw in this water bottle to pretend like I drink something other than coffee (and wine!)….and with this yummy fruit infusion water bottle I might actually do just that!


This beautiful essential oil diffuser will look so great in your bedroom! No more cheap plastic option, like the one in your kid’s room. Nope. In your room you deserve this beautiful addition that is as pleasing to your eyes as it is to your soul.

So, there you go momma! 9 options for what to ask for (or just order yourself!) this Mother’s Day! You deserve a little something special, but I know that spending money on yourself can be the last thing you want to do.

Don’t put yourself at the bottom of the list any more, especially when there are some cute and inexpensive ideas out there! Happy Mother’s Day, cheers! 🍷