Self Care Practices you can do at work

Simple and healthy self care practices you can do at work

Everyone seems to have ideas for self care you can do at home. Feeling stressed out? Take a bubble bath! Need to practice some zen breathing. Try some yoga on YouTube.

But what are you supposed to do if you are feeling stressed at work? Why aren’t we talking more about this? I mean it’s not like we don’t get stressed out at work! But what can we do at our desks (or hiding in the bathroom!) to try and keep our sanity while at work?

Of course I headed to the ever-trusty Google and Pinterest. After a quick search I found that nobody is really talking about this subject much. Which made me want to delve into it all the more.

Self care in the workplace

So, what is my number one tip for self care in the workplace? Nourish your body and your mind. Do you find yourself skipping lunch and then hitting up the vending machine for a little sugary pick me up? Stop this! 

Your body must have a complete meal midday. And by the way, the government mandates this as well. So, stop working through your lunch in the name of being a “good employee” and start making a healthy lunch your priority. It doesn’t have to be fancy. 

In fact some of those pre-made salads, with a ridiculous amount of fatty dressing, aren’t doing you any favors. Think food groups. Think: protein, good carbs and fiber, fruits and vegetables, and of course lots of water throughout the day.

Ditch those awful sugary drinks that cause the horrible crash afterwards. Be sure to hydrate all day long. Especially if you are in a building with continuously recycled air, which can be so drying. If I am feeling tired or hungry, then I will usually try to think about when did I last have water? 

Usually, this is what my body really needs. And unfortunately too many times I don’t stop and think it through. I will grab a coffee and a muffin to satisfy the hungry and tired feelings. But the problem is that in less than two hours I suffer the crash of the quick pick-me-up. So, instead reach for some water next time you want the sugary coffee or soda.

So what are some practical self care practices you can actually do at work?

Self care practices

Researching self care practices at work wasn’t easy. But I came up with my own four favorite ways you can give your own mental health some priority. 
4 simple self care practices you can do at work:

Get fresh air

One of my favorites is to go for a short walk in the afternoon. You know that dreaded afternoon slump when your productivity rivals that of Garfield in an Italian restaurant? Get outside and get some fresh air. 

This one simple activity can increase your mood as well as your productivity for the rest of the workday.

Play some tunes

If you are allowed to have music on while you work this is another great idea for practicing self care at work. Who can be in a bad mood with the tunes playing in the background?

If you are in a cubicle see if office policy allows for ear buds. This will not only cut down on the distractions, but also help your mood while on the clock.

Natural lighting

Don’t settle for those awful office lights. Get some of your own natural lighting and watch your mood improve immediately. I love this light for those long winter days. When you arrive to work when it’s still dark, and seem to leave long after the sun has set, having natural light is a game changer.

Practice mindfulness

While you might not be able to break out the full yoga mat for a much needed zen filled yoga session. You can still practice slow deep breathing while sitting in your office chair. Check out this YouTube video for some suggestions on just how to do this.

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So, while I love my self care Sunday routine, self care is not relegated to ONLY being practiced on the weekends. Bring some of these self care ideas with you to work and put them into practice. 

The next time your office mate starts stressing you out, be sure to set some healthy boundaries. Try plugging in your headphones and cranking some tunes. Then, practice some mindfulness and deep breathing while at your desk. Your work life will greatly benefit from putting into practice some of these ideas for self care at work.