never spring clean again with these systems in place, tips to deal with the clutter and mess with these routines and tips

Never Spring Clean Again

never spring clean again with these systems in place, tips to deal with the clutter and mess with these routines and tips

Why I never have to do a major Spring Cleaning again!

Do you feel peace when you first walk in your home? Use these easy-to-implement hacks to avoid spring cleaning with simple daily routines instead.

Does your humble abode greet you with a friendly hug as you come home from a long day at work? I know for me, this has been a huge stumbling block in the world of “adulting” to try to create our house into a home.

Thanks to Flylady, I will never again need to do a major top-to-bottom, wear-myself-out deep clean ever again! These days I am *usually* just five minutes away from company ready on any given day. Would I want Martha Stewart to show up? No! But any one of my friends or family could show up and not judge me (ok some family members will always judge! Lol! But that’s on them not me!). Do you feel like you could open your doors to your best friend with only 5 minutes notice?never spring clean again with these systems in place, tips to deal with the clutter and mess once and for all

If not, then my friend, you seriously need to check out Flylady! Just head on over to and sign up for her email challenge. Nothing miraculous will happen that first day/week or heck even month! But what will happen when you start to get her loving messages every day is you will start to put on your shoes every day, shine your sink, and even tackle “Mt. Washmore” by doing one little load of laundry every day.

Her daily messages will warm your heart and in turn, you will be able to better bless your home and thereby give your loved ones the blessing of a peaceful home. 15 minutes and one 27 fling boogie will get your there, one step at a time. Rome was not built in a day, and neither was your mess. But over time with simple daily habits, you too can find peace in your own home – which should be what we all feel right? I can’t tell you how long I lived in the opposite of a peaceful abode.

From Chaos to Calm

Once upon a time, I was so overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos in my home that the idea of a deep cleaning in the spring was never even a possibility. It would have taken a year to move all the piles and give the house a good solid “once-over”….as my grandmother used to call it!!

Now, thanks to my routines, and my weekly home blessing hour (seriously! Just sign up for her emails and you too will know what the WHBH is and why you will love it!!) I will never have to worry about spring cleaning again.

Here are the five habits I have incorporated into my daily routine that enable me to forgo the deep clean every spring.

  1. Daily Routines
  2. Weekly Home Blessing Hour – make it fun and it will get done! Set the timer and be sure not to go over your one hour of blessing your home each week.
  3. 15 minute declutter – quick pick up – nothing crazy! Pick a drawer or closet and tackle it for 15 minutes – use your timer it is fun to try to beat the clock and see how much you can get done!
  4. Swish and swipe – daily. Meaning you will never have to use harsh chemicals again because you do a quick once-over in the bathroom to keep it from getting out of hand.
  5. Self-care Sundays. Pretty self-explanatory! We all need a day of rest, make it intentional. Plan a bubble bath and a glass of wine and really pamper yourself!


It helps that one of the activities when creating our peaceful home with FlyLady is to create a Control Journal to track your activities! Can you say: Fun binder with stickers and printables?!?! Yes please!!

Now when spring cleaning comes along I just throw open my windows and enjoy the fresh spring air! All thanks to a loving blogger from North Carolina who was willing to share her story with the world and in turn has blessed so many women around the world to be able to bless their families with a peaceful home.

Daily Blessings

Everything that she does is completely free, there is no crazy ridiculous course you need to pay for and then forget you ever got it. You just sign up for her free emails and let the blessing commence. In the beginning, all I did was get her emails and read them, but as her messages started to sink in the activity soon followed. And now I am a convert for life!

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Every day I allow her to come into my home via her daily emails and read her kind words of encouragement. Each day has a small task as assigned by the weekly zones; this makes it so fun to know that I am not cleaning out my junk drawer by myself but rather with women all over the globe. Sometimes when I see a neighbor sweeping their porch on the day that I saw that as our task I imagine that maybe she is a Flybaby too, this creates such a fun camaraderie as we take on what can be a dreary lonely task of keeping the house clean.