Discover the Magic of these Traveler’s Notebook Hacks

Do you find that you’re trying to keep too many running lists and reminders in your brain? Or do you have dozens of post-it notes and random napkins with reminders strewn across your desk? 

Then you might want to consider using traveler’s notebooks to keep your thoughts straight. From my weekly plan to my latest blog ideas and even my personal journal, my traveler’s notebooks keep me organized. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried every organizer and planner out there. Some are great. While others don’t have nearly enough room to keep track of all your ideas. Others have entire sections you never use. But they’re all bound together, creating an all-or-nothing scenario. 

Enter traveler’s notebooks.

These are a completely customizable system for your planning, notes, anything you can think of. So, if you’re considering a new notebook system, then keep reading to see my traveler’s notebook hacks and tips for picking out just the right system for you.

Traveler’s notebooks hacks

I love my traveler’s notebooks. Even in this digital age, I just find so much joy out of writing down my thoughts each day. There is just something to it. If you have been around my blog for more than a minute, then you know I am a big fan of the regular practice of doing a brain dump

I find that if I don’t do this on a regular basis then I find myself running around with way too much information jumbling up my brain. And this mom-brain is for real. I can’t be keeping too many important reminders in my head. I have to get it out of my head and onto paper.

Enter my traveler’s notebooks. I usually have a few different kinds of notebooks lying around. From bullet journals to fancy journals with daily prompts to your good old-fashioned spiral notebook. 

But I also seem to always come back to the smaller size and simplicity of a travelers notebook. I can throw them in my purse and jot down any notes that pop into my brain while I wait for swim lessons or the pick-up line at school. Seriously, why do all my best thoughts come when I never have something to write them down? Thank goodness for my shower notepad!

How to use a traveler’s notebook

Really, the question here is how don’t you use your traveler’s notebook. They are so versatile and universal. They offer blank pages, and lined pages, as well as traditional bullet journal style pages, so whatever your fancy you have the option available.

I know I’m weird, but I use different page styles depending on the mood I’m in and what I’m writing. If I just need to journal my thoughts and work through something (you can see my whole series on anxiety here, which is usually what triggers lots of journaling).

Anyway, I will choose lined paper for journaling. You can also read here about how traveler’s notebooks help this mom with her anxiety. But if I am trying to map out a big project and I have no idea what step one will be -then I go blank paper or dotted. This helps me to simply start dumping it all out of my head and onto paper.

The trick here is to not censure yourself. Just write and write all over the paper in a nonsensical pattern. This actually tricks your brain into thinking outside the box, and for me, it does wonders for my brainstorming.

For my daily notebook, I use the first page just like my bujo and create an index. Then each time I make a new list or jot down a new idea, it goes on the index.

This makes for quick reference not only as I’m using each notebook but later on when I can’t quite remember the details of an idea. I can scan through my old notebooks and find what I’m looking for by using the index. 

Different sizes of traveler’s notebooks

The sizes vary quite a bit. So whatever your preference you can probably find what you like. I have found I like the A5 size as it’s not too big that I can’t take it places but it’s not too small that I still have room to brainstorm on the pages.

The standard size is 4.3 inches by 8.25 inches which is great for shoving in your purse and having with you on the go. It seems like moms are constantly on the go these days. From school drop-off and pick-up to after-school lessons and practices, the list is never-ending. 

The A5 size is 5.8 inches by 8.25 inches and I find that the extra inch and a half in the width is what I need for my preferred note-taking and brainstorming style. But the great thing about traveler’s notebooks is that you can choose between anything from pocket size to standard to A5 and everything in between. 

And if you are using yours for travel, they even have a passport size. Keep everything together from your plane tickets and itinerary to your passport and notes. You’re sure to love the memories when you come home from your vacation with your entire trip documented in your traveler’s notebook. 

Where to buy traveler’s notebooks

Travelers’ notebooks used to be hard to find. But lately, I am seeing them everywhere. So, it just depends on my mood and time constraints as to where I purchase them. I can get lost in wonder in any stationery store. So, drop me in a book store or stationery store and I will get myself in trouble with all the fun treasures I find.

Otherwise, if I need to just replace my notebooks, and I am running short on time, then I hop on Amazon and replenish my supplies quickly and easily. I don’t buy the cute covers to keep mine together. I just keep them separate.

But you can really get lost in picking out a great cover for your notebooks. Or you can make your own covers like this blogger does here. Have fun with it or just keep them separate, whatever works for you. Again, the versatility and flexibility here are what makes this system so amazing!


From agendas to journals to notebooks to traveling, the traveler’s notebooks are quite versatile. They are small enough to take with you in your purse and yet just the right size to make notes you don’t want to forget once you get home. Stop scribbling notes on napkins, mail, or whatever else you can find in your purse. Start using a traveler’s notebook today, you won’t regret the ease and simplicity of keeping all your lists, notes, and ideas in one spot.