best twitter influencers to follow for minimalism at home

13 Twitter accounts you will want to follow when reaching for minimalism at home

Are you always looking for the next big idea when it comes to achieving minimalism at home?

I hope I am not the only one always looking for inspiration and advice when it come to minimalism and my home. In my searches, I have followed a number of influencers on social media.

I wanted to share a few of them with you here in this article, here are 13 minimalism Twitter accounts you will want to follow:


interested in minimalism at home then follow these influencers on twitter

1. @joshua_becker Joshua Becker - "craft a life you don't need to escape from" - Joshua Becker was the first minimalist author that I was actually able to connect with, as a person. Previously I had been reading books by minimalists who didn't have children, or had small apartments that were sparsely furnished.

Neither of which describes me.

Then I found Joshua who talked about his idea of "rational minimalism" and how you can still be a minimalist even in a suburban home, with kids, toys everywhere, and a kitchen that you can actually cook in. This was someone I could relate to, and his ideas made so much sense to me. If you are interested in the idea of minimalism at home, but don't want to live in a house without a couch, or narrow down your clothes to 33 items - then be sure to check out his books.


2. @TheFlyLady - a list about minimalism wouldn't be complete without FlyLady! This woman saved my home and my relationship, no exaggeration, she is the best. Her biggest premise is that you "can't organize clutter" and so you need to focus on 15 minute declutter sprints every day before you can actually start trying to clean and organize your house. On the days when I feel like I can't get anything done around my house, I can always find a 15 minute pocket of time to declutter one corner, or one drawer, or one shelf.

Doing this one time won't make a difference - heck doing it 10 times probably won't make a difference! But doing this one thing consistently over time will make such a difference in your home. When she talks about vacuuming the middles only, in the beginning you might only be vacuuming narrow walkways. But take it from me, keep working through her system and you will start seeing more and more of your floors!

3. @TheMinimalists The minimalists - A minimalist who's who list wouldn't be complete without these two. Ryan and Joshua brought minimalism into the mainstream about 10 years ago. Now, these two you might have to listen to their advice with a grain of salt. they are two guys with little to no possessions and they wear the same thing over and over. Now I have the "Mom" wardrobe going on where it feels like I wear the same thing every day (jeans and tee-shirt) but I like to change out those two items daily! I also have two kids who bring art projects home daily and there is a certain amount of pomp and circumstance that is required for each and every masterpiece. But still, I like their ideas, even if I don't implement them to a tee.

messy home and minimalism

Minimalism at home

4. @Homeafterthree Jenny is one of those moms I can relate to in a New York minute. She is a mom of three who loves to organize and is working towards an impossible goal of working herself out of business by convincing every mom in America we don't have to have an Instagram-worthy home. Take that guilt and pressure off of yourself and just enjoy creating a home for your specific family. If this sounds like something you need in your life, hop on over to her Twitter or Instagram feed, I know you will love it! Here is a great tweet with tips to avoid common decluttering mistakes.

5. @tami_fox Tami is a fellow #FlyLady follower and I love seeing her pictures of how she is tackling each of the weekly zones and daily missions. Tami is a great resource for everyone hoping to attain minimalism at home. If you love the FlyLady method as much as I do, then you will definitely want to follow Tami Fox on Twitter and join in with the daily missions.  This is a great reminder that we are all unique and our homes should reflect that uniqueness.

6. @MarieKondo  - love her or hate her message, if you are looking for some minimalism inspiration then look no further than Mari Kondo. Follow her on Twitter for daily doses of inspiration and some pretty pictures of her success stories. Looking for more inspiration? Check out her show on Netflix. I promise you can't watch without crying, and without tackling your own closet. Be aware though, that her methods are not for the faint of heart. I have had more than one instance of getting super motivated by her show, tearing apart one of our closets...and then not having the time to finish the project.

Enter FlyLady, her 15 minutes at a time can rescue any monumental project. Luckily, my family has gotten used to my habit of biting off more than I can chew when it comes to starting projects. So they are used to half finished piles around the house until I can come back and slowly start chipping away. I love her inspiration on Twitter though! Like this one about just getting started with tidying up and then your family members will start to join in as well...even without all the nagging!

7. @DrJessicaLouie is a certified KonMarie coach, Dr. Jessica helps people clarify and align their lives so they can live simply and actually enjoy their lives. Doesn't that sound like something we all would love to hire her to do? But for now, you can catch up on her tweets like this inspirational quote below, and read her blog for more tips and clarity and simplifying your life.

8. @JulieMorgenstrn my list wouldn't be complete without the amazing Julie Morgentern. I first read her book Organizing from the Inside Out about 15 years ago and she was definitely one of the first people who got me thinking about living a life with less stuff. At this point in my life, shopping was not just a passive hobby to fill in the time on a lazy Saturday. It was more like a full on Olympic sport and I was going for a gold medal!

Then I read this book while house-sitting for a friend. There it was sitting on her coffee stand and I picked it up. Three days later, my friend returned home and I did too, with a new eye on all my belongings. All of a sudden the insane amount of shoes and handbags I had amassed no longer seemed so amazing. Here is a great tweet about spring cleaning your to do list!

9. @bemorewithless Courtney Carver - be more with less -- 333 items lady The first time I heard this idea I thought she was crazy! Still do, kinda!! I can't imagine whittling down my closet to only 100 items, mush less 33! Ack! However, it doesn't hurt to set crazy goals, even if you know you won't actually be quite so militaristic when it comes to counting the exact number of items in your closet.Fellow mom, fellow introvert, and definitely a woman I love following!

10. @missminimalist Francine Jay - one of the first minimalist books I read Francine is like the godfather of minimalism. If that was a thing. She has been writing about this notion of simplifying our lives way before it was the latest trend. I love her books and have read just about all of them. I had to give myself a little grace when I read her books though. The books I read were written before she had kids, so she and her husband live alone in a small New York apartment. In one story they decided they didn't want a couch anymore, so their living room consists of only chairs and small sitting areas.

If you are like me and live with someone who can't imagine life without their oversized, overstuffed couch and big screen TV then you can start to fall into the comparison trap. Don't worry about making your minimalism journey look just like hers, you do you! Read her books and enjoy her methods, while still keeping true to you and your family.  She tweets about embracing minimalism even with kids here:

More amazing influencers

11. @simplehappyzen has such great videos that are so relevant and easy to listen to. Check out this tweet below about creating 10 habits for a clutter free home. You know I like habits!! I have recently gotten more into videos instead of only reading blog posts...guess it's because my "down" time doesn't include having a sleeping baby on me anymore! This is one YouTube channel I am so grateful to have found!

12. @Jennilein - has recently started a series on 365 reasons for minimalism. I can't wait to see all her reasons! Here is the first one, check her profile out and follow her reasons to start minimizing your belongings/schedule/homes.

13. @MinimalAndMoney - husband and wife duo blogging about life, kids...and you guessed it...minimalism and money! They have some great ideas that are definitely worth your time to check out. While the majority of their tweets are about money over minimalism. They have some great minimalism ideas that are kid friendly. Checkout this tweet about their bookshelves. So glad we can be minimalists and still have more than 30 books!

Overall, I think social media can get such a bad rap. Yes, there are those people putting on their best face and trying to be someone they are not. But with Twitter, I feel like I can really get to know someone. Even if it is just 140 characters at a time.
Since photos are not such an emphasis on Twitter, it is more like our short inner thoughts and what is happening in real life. Don't have time to take a selfie? Or skipped the makeup this morning? Then skip Instagram and post to Twitter instead! It's an introverts dream! We can stay home and converse online on our phones from the comfort of our couches.
I hope these ideas for 13 minimalism Twitter accounts you will want to follow helps you with your attempts at minimalism. While you are at it, follow me! I can't wait to connect with you and join in you in your journey towards minimizing your life, schedules, and homes.