What in the world is minimalism anyway?

What in the world is minimalism anyway?

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is doing it, you know tidying up and all. But what in the world is minimalism anyway?
If you are wondering what the craze is all about, maybe I can help you. After all, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what in the world minimalism is. And more importantly, how can it benefit my family?
When it comes time to declutter my house, the simpler the process the better. I love looking for new ideas and inspiration, but I just can’t keep up with an organizational system that is hard to maintain.
what is minimalism, and how can it help your family. My own version of 15 minute minimalism allows us to still have that lived in feeling in our home.

What is minimalism?

According to Encyclopedia.com, minimalism is defined as ” Minimalism seeks to avoid clutter, ornament, and even colour, while possessions were stored away.” Which, when put this way, doesn’t sound that great to me! 
After all, I like color! And I like my possessions out where I can see and enjoy them. But in reality, avoiding clutter makes me feel so free and helps keep the feelings of overwhelm at bay.
So, instead of being banished to a life of clutter, I am pursuing a different path. Blazing my own trail towards minimalism. In my pursuit of finding of a different kind of minimalism, I found Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist.

Minimalism life

Joshua Becker is one of my favorite minimalism authors. He keeps it real, plus he is a family guy. His version of realistic minimalism proves you can be a minimalist, and still allow your kids to be kids, and still have fun….and toys.
He defines minimalism as having “clarity and purpose and intentionality.” And, at the end of the day, that is basically what I wanted my blog to be about! I am chronicling my attempt to find clarity and purpose to my life, while being intentional in everything I do.
The minimalism lifestyle allows for minimal spring cleaning as well. That way when you are struck with the inspiration to “spif up” your home in the spring time, it can be fun and decorative and not a long hot sweaty deep cleaning session – ask me how I know!

Decluttering ideas

When it comes to getting rid of the clutter, I always turn back to FlyLady. She was the first organizing guru that I read that I actually relate to. It’s so hard to read organizational books from someone who is naturally a Type-A organized person. 
Lists make sense to them, and they get great satisfaction from crossing off their to do list.

I, on the other hand, have an insane amount of post-its notes all around my house. 

FlyLady’s process has been the only one I have been able to stick to. And I believe this is because she starts with decluttering. 
Rather than starting with to do lists, or defining our goals, or any other journaling process -that I am just going to lose anyway. FlyLady starts by making it fun, with games such as the 27 fling boogie. Don’t get caught up in the perfectionist worries about getting rid of 27 items, instead just see how many things you can get out in 15 minutes. “Make it fun and you will get it done.” Just like FlyLady says.
Sometimes come spring time I feel the inspiration to make over our home, but other times I just don’t have time for a massive cleaning project. That’s why I love my daily routines to keep our house mostly company-ready. FlyLady was the one that first introduced me to the idea of small daily habits to keep up with my home instead of the massive marathon cleaning I used to do. Now spring cleaning is a thing of the past for our home.


In the end, minimalism doesn’t have to be this militant lifestyle where you only wear 33 items of clothing and can’t enjoy more than 40 books in your home. You don’t have to be delegated to boring white on white decor, unless of course you like that look!! 
Our homes can, and should, be as unique and personable as we are. We are not simply living in a building that provides us with shelters. We are trying to provide warm and comfortable homes for our families. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and so are our homes. From a capsule wardrobe to simple storage solutions, new products that look great in my home make for life changing simple living.
So, join me! In spending just 15 minutes each day getting rid of a small amount of clutter and finally getting ourselves, our homes, and our schedules organized!
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